Google Pageranking for our sites

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I must say that i haven’t been blogging for a long time now. No excuses though!

Our recent projects 1) and 2), experienced a boost in their pageranks when google updated their algorithm lately. This kind of updates usually takes place every 3 months or so. Its not surprising to see a boost in traffics or perhaps a drop too for some sites.

A little good news for us 🙂 is now PR 4 while jumped from 0 to PR3.

Thats it for now…will be posting more topic on Search marketing

more coming up: – link building techniques !


What is this blog about?

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Hi friends,

Thanks for visiting the “Internet Business Simplified!” blog.

My name is Timothy and my coauthor in this blog is Judy Hansen, who is the Web administrator of

You will be able to find in this blog, the exact same tools ans strategies that we are using for our internet businesses as well as other new ideas for starting your own too.

All tools and strategies that will be covered are time tested and proven to work for individuals with varying degrees of success!

If you are looking to starting an internet business or simply wants to get out of  a dead end  8-5 job, we trust that you will find the topics that we are going to cover to be  extremely useful.

Have fun and read on!


Membership sites income towering over traditional internet marketing earnings?

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click me

One of the ways to generate online income is to create membership sites.

I never thought much of membership sites – Until recently when i discovered that my friend who has one is generating more than 200 000 usd per month!

See here!

More videos of this…..Videos here

Have a look and send me comments on what you think!



Why Buy? What You Need to Know to Begin

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Importing can provide your e-business with cutting-edge products at rock-bottom prices. But it’s a very complicated process, and not one you want to go through alone. “Customs brokers and freight forwarders are your gateway into the world of international trade,” explains Custom House Broker Don Hoffman, of “For commercial shipments, you’re legally required to utilize the services of a licensed broker. They’re the experts in getting the documentation and duty payments through Customs.”Getting Good Help

Since most freight forwarders employ brokers to handle any customs issues, you might start by contacting a forwarder as soon as you make the decision to import products into the U.S.You can find a forwarder in the yellow pages or search engines, but doing so is like playing the lottery—you have no idea what you’ll get. The real problem is sorting through third-party operations, posing as forwarders, who are really nothing more than middlemen, marking up your end costs. The safest way to find a reputable forwarder is through trade associations or publications. A forwarder can help you calculate your costs up front to determine if you can be competitive with a product. Your manufacturer should be able to give you the tariff number for your product, which your broker will use to give you the local U.S. duty rate. You have ten days to pay once the goods have been cleared in the U.S.; but most companies pay within eight, to give themselves room, in case of processing errors.

Bond Options
When importing, you’re required to buy a bond that acts as insurance with Customs, in the event you should default on duties—although the bond doesn’t relieve you from legal repercussions should that happen. Bond companies underwrite the value of the shipment plus the duty, with either a single entry or annual bond. If you only plan to import once or twice a year, the single entry bonds are more affordable. But if you’re receiving goods on a regular basis, the cost of an annual bond may pay for itself. You need to make your determination based on the number of shipments you’ll be bringing in.

A Paper Trail
Your manufacturer will send you certain papers:

• a commercial invoice
• a packing list
• a detail sheet (depending on the type of product) that breaks down the components of a product and the way they’re manufactured so Customs can determine the duty classification
• an airway bill or bill of lading

You will need all these documents when you pay duties to Customs to prove what you owe; as the importer, you’re legally responsible for obtaining them.

Delivery Arrangements
Once you have your paperwork, let your forwarder know the goods are ready. They’ll contact the supplier, process the shipping bill, and book the shipment on your behalf. Your forwarder should be able to price out your shipment in various ways to see which would be most cost-effective. Air shipping is often overlooked as being too pricy, but it doesn’t require many of the minimums that ocean freight does and there are far fewer incidental charges involved.

Bringing commercial goods into the U.S. is an involved procedure, but don’t let the intricacies scare you. With qualified assistance, it can be a very profitable undertaking. Says Hoffman, “It’s labor-intensive; you have to follow through with everything. The key is to get good help—they can really guide you through the process and ensure you’re in ship-shape.”

“Wheelchamping as a profitable business”

Posted May 8, 2007 by martinzedward
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While we strive to give practical advice for internet businesses, lets not forget some other funs too..Crazy business ideas that actually works..Amazing! Sometimes the craziest business ideas rake in millions !
Below is one on

About the author : Edward Liu is a successful entrepreneur and online forex trader

Occassionally I may think of some money making ideas. Because I am busy with my current businesses i have no time to implement them all, some may sounds crazy. But hey, the Wright brothers sounds crazy too until their plane actually flew. Most ideas sounds crazy until someone actually get it working.

Now here is my idea:

Ever get wheel clamped before? It will cost you from 50 bucks to 200 bucks to get it unclamped. Now, i see a light bulb here. Buy a plot of land preferably around a busy area with very little parking. Make a car park, put on a wheel clamp sign at some oblivious corner. Get someone to watch the parking lot for you, preferably some friendly old man with a big smile. Now you can wait for unsuspecting drivers to park in your car park and get the old man to clamp them while you are playing golf. Some simple calculation, $100 per unclamp, 10 unclamp per day = $1000, let the old man take 20 percent, you will have $800 a day, that works out to be $24,000 a month! In a a few years time you can buy another plot of land and make another parking lot!!

Now you must be thinking “Where the hell do I get enough money to buy the first piece of land to make a carpark?!”. You can always start small go around looking for old private property, usually old ones with small car park, no guards, talk to the management, tell them you will provide them wheel clamping services and share half the profit. Invest in one or two wheel clamps, they are not to expensive to invest in.

In case you don’t know, they sell wheel clamps on ebay too!

Now you can employ some old man with a big smile to help you do that so that you can manage a few carparks at one go, while you are playing golf.

For more business ideas, especially the strange ones that work. Visit 

Are There Decent Online Income Opportunities Living on the Internet?

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One question that really bugs a lot of genuine online business seekers is whether its possible to earn a decent income on the internet?

We’ve figured out a way to break out of this mould – using the Internet!

On “”, we strive to start you off on the right track and then guide you through some tools thats neccessary to help you achieve your goals. As in any business, it requires effort on your part. But you’ll be able to draw knowledge/skills and tools right here!

Our team of online business experts continually scout for updated and relevant internet business ‘shortcuts’ to give you the unparalleled advantage.

If you are ready, read on to journey with us……..

The problem, for most who wants to start their own business on the internet is that there are simply too much information overload to be digested in order to start it right.

Let show you the basic ropes and then journey with us to more advanced strategies once you’ve made progress….

To start of, basically, there are 7 models i like to share with you…….of course, there are new ones added to the basic list rapidly nowadays

1) Affliate Marketing (Where you sell people’s good and thus leverage on their creations. No inventory, No hassles, No extra time spent on handling refunds)

2) Ebay (Selling goods via wholesales or dropship arrangements. Dropship allows you no inventory but lesser profit margins. Whereas wholesale offer higher margin but with the burden of carrying inventory)

3) Public labels (take an existing product and put your name on it) and resale right (sell the product as if it were your own)

4) Creating and selling products on public domain (Create an ebook without writing a thing. Then sell via ebay or your own online store. )

5) Sell knowledge via paid e-classes or teleseminar (Put what you know into an ebook and charge on per download/sale or host teleseminars to conduct classes)

6) Turn knowledge to Video (Video are in high demand now and what if you could sell your “how to play guitar” video product online?)

7) Freelance (Doing copywriting, web designing, typing, etc, and offering your services online e.g

Whichever models you choose, they had been proven to work by many people already.
However, some models are easier & more advantageous than others.
But if you are a beginner, I would recommend “Affliate marketing” for a start.
It is basically promoting someone elses product and earning as high as 70-80 percent for some products.

The best product would be in digital form like e-books,software,music, etc, as you do not have to worry about inventory, shipping or refunds. The BEST part is that delivery of the product is completely hand-off on your part and you only need to focus on promoting your affliate links (creatively of course! )

For every product people purchased, you will be able to see it on the merchant’s web report and cheques should be coming in your house mailbox regularly! Once you got the hang of one product, you can use the same tactics for more products to create a multiple stream of online income. Its easy once you start seeing your first cheque. The rest are simply repeatable processes!

Now, to be fair to newbies, i have to warn you that a lot of times, just because you do not see the physical products, you may feel that you are not running a real business. You WILL have to change your mindset on this wrong thinking! Your customers buying online through your affliate links are REAL people looking for a product that they like. The only difference with setting up a stall selling a plate of noodles and an online business is a matter of the medium. But the end results from your efforts are the same- PROFITS!

I had my fair share of such a pitfall and it would be worth sharing this with the audience.
Hope this helps prepare your mind before embarking on this journey of online profits.

Free affiliate master course training
Step by step affiliate training
The author is a sucessfully infopreneur and webmaster of

He enjoys helping people make decent living online and is a pro-family man.

Don’t Get Taken by a Fake Ebay Supplier!

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Don’t Get Taken by a Fake Supplier!

by Chris Malta & Robin Cowie


If you want to start your Home-based Internet Business for very little money, you need Wholesale Suppliers who Drop Ship.Why? Because working with drop shippers eliminates the need for you to carry expensive inventories. You don’t have to rent a warehouse, hire employees, establish accounts with UPS and FedEx, etc. You can sell the best brand names on earth from your home computer, and make good money at it.Wholesale Suppliers who drop ship send the products you sell directly from their warehouse to your customer, with your business name on it. All you do it take the order from your customer and pass it to the distributor. You keep the difference between the wholesale price the distributor charges you, and the retail price you sell to your customer for.Of course, there are a lot of places out there that want you to THINK they are wholesale drop shippers. They’ll set up accounts with, say, 10 real drop ship suppliers. Then they’ll call themselves something like “”, and claim that THEY are the wholesale drop ship supplier. Then it’ll go like this:1. will place advertising all over the Internet proclaiming to be the greatest source that ever existed for all kinds of great products, and they’ll drop ship all those products to your customer.2. You’ll get all excited because YOU can actually place everything from Sony electronics to Coleman Camping gear on your web site and sell it.3. will charge you an account setup fee, to cover their “processing”. (Note: REAL Wholesale Suppliers almost NEVER charge you an account setup fee).4. will send you a nice, shiny list of products and show you where to get the product images and descriptions to place on your web site.5. You’ll get all excited, and put all this great stuff on your site, set your prices so that you can make a profit over what

6. You’ll launch your site, and you hardly sell a thing.

Huh? What happened? Nobody’s buying! You can’t survive on just a few orders a month!

Disappointed and discouraged, you start to go out and check other web sites that carry the same products. Maybe they have better images. Maybe they have cooler descriptions. Maybe their pages look nicer. You find that it’s none of those things. So what DO you find?

The other sites’ PRICES are lower. A LOT lower.

You just got nailed by one of the most popular scams on the Internet. took you for a couple of hundred dollars in exchange for a CD full of product images. They may have even locked you into a contract where you have to pay them every month to be a “member” of their “distributorship”.
Oh, DOES ship the products they claim to. Of course they do. It’s just that when they get an order from you, they turn around and place your order with the REAL Wholesale Supplier, and take a profit. By the time YOUR price is calculated, you’re paying not only wholesale, you’re paying’s extra markup of anywhere from 10% to 30%.

In order for YOU to make a profit, you naturally have to mark up the prices you get from By the time you do that, you can’t compete on the ‘Net. Your prices are just too high.

At this point, you can do one of two things:

1. You can lower your prices to the point where you’re making mere pennies on your products in order to compete.

2. You can bypass these jokers and go to the REAL sources.

I’ve been in Systems Engineering for 19 years. I’ve been involved in ECommerce since it began. In that time, I’ve seen this scenario played out over and over with companies I’ve done work for.

The real sources can be hard to find. They don’t market themselves as Internet Wholesale Supplier. They are established wholesale companies who have been supplying big chains like Sears and Kmart for a very long time.

Many of them are now realizing that a good part of their future lies in Internet sales, and they are establishing drop ship and light bulk wholesale programs. There are even a few big name manufacturers who are beginning to supply Home-based Internet Businesses right from their factories. That’s where YOU need to be. In direct contact with the actual Wholesale Supplier or factory source.

When you’re looking for a drop shipper, here are a couple of things to be careful of:

1. Any company that tells you that they’ll set up your entire web site AND PROVIDE THE PRODUCTS FOR YOU will NOT make you rich. They’ll make THEMSELVES rich on your setup and hosting fees, and you’ll piddle along with thousands of other small sites all selling exactly the same things at the same prices.

(NOTE: Don’t confuse this with companies who just offer to set up your ECommerce web site. There are a lot of great places out there that will build and host sites for you. It’s when they tell you that you HAVE to sell the products that THEY provide that you should run for cover.)

2. Any distributor who wants you to pay a “membership” or “setup” fee is probably not a true Wholesale Supplier.

3. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

BIOGRAPHY: Chris Malta and Robin Cowie of are the Writers and Hosts of The Entrepreneur Magazine EBiz and Product Sourcing Radio Shows.